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YandereFluttershy 15th December 2013 22:30

No option to choose livestream chat?
I watch streams with my friends a lot, and today, I noticed I can only use chat with Facebook or Twitter, not livestream... Do you need Facebook or Twitter to chat now?

bblinder 18th December 2013 13:42

Hi there,

Channel owners have the ability to disable any or all of the chat options. They can select any one, multiple, or none of the chat platforms if they like.

lisakahl 17th February 2014 12:03

I use the Facebook chat because I get a fair amount of my viewers on the iPhone/ iPod but I am thinking of restricting it to the live-stream chat knowing I will lose the few little viewers I have because I am getting a little idiot that is being rude to my viewers and they are leaving the stream because of him. I'm going crazy trying to figure out how to ban them but i have hit my head against a brick wall, not even have anything written about it but they should know that its costing them viewers.

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