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TheBlackWidower 14th December 2013 13:43

Can't login to android app
So, I've been using Livestream for quite some time. Mostly for pointless bull**** that no one cares about.


I just recently bought a brand new Android smartphone, and have been looking for cool things to do with it. I found I could play Doom 3 on it! Of course that's with the graphics turned way down, so it looks ****.

Anyway, I thought I might be able to use it to control my stream remotely, and in that spirit, I downloaded the Livestream app. Unfortunately, I can't log in.

I type in my email and password, but it tells me they don't match. Yet I can use the same password on the proper site with no issue!

I think it might have something to do with the fact that it's requesting my email address, but I normally enter my username. On a lark, I tried creating a new account, but it says my email's already registered.

Is there a solution here!? What am I missing!?

bblinder 14th December 2013 17:47

Hi there!

The Livestream mobile app is only compatible with the New Livestream platform (which uses an email address to login), not the Original Livestream (which uses a username).

I notice you have an account on the New Livestream platform as well, under the same email address.

If you forgot your password for New, you would login at and select "forgot password". A new one will then be emailed to you.

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