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Rayleyne 6th December 2013 07:05

"Connection too slow" Ahahaha no it's not.
I keep getting connection too slow "Anti lag has been triggered" I live in australia, I live stream, I can stream to twitch just fine, Not a fan of twitch though, It doesn't save recordings.

My connection is 100/40, And i get that ALL the time, Even in prime im still at 98.5/38, And have atleast 10mbit both ways to america, Why is it, Even when streaming at ONE megabit to is it telling me my connection is too slow, The hell it is, It's overkill as is my computer.

Livestream procaster

3770k@ 4.8Ghz
8GB ddr3 2133mhz
7970 trifire
Local area connection Me>Router @1Gbit
Internet connection details
100Mbit downstream
40mbit upstream

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