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driftmagazine 2nd December 2013 17:05

Livestream + mac ?
I have tried for several days.

I want to get a broadcast with multiple cameras and layers. For Mac Wirecast was the only program I found.

But I can not work with the new Livestream.

Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

bblinder 4th December 2013 17:24

Hi, there!

Wirecast is at this time not compatible with the New Livestream platform. It is only compatible with our Original, legacy platform.

You can see a list of our recommended streaming set-ups here:

twista123456 15th December 2013 15:04

Wirecast compatible only with our Original screenshot mac, legacy platform.

You can see here:

cseeman 23rd January 2014 22:26

Wirecast now has a Virtual Camera function which has in the past worked with Livestream for Producers software. I haven't checked most recent versions though. Also Wirecast has External Monitor Out and Wirecast Pro has Blackmagic Video Out and those have worked with Livestream's hardware encoder.

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