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crazyyellowfox 27th October 2013 16:41

Procaster crash on launch in Mavericks
I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this or not. I've already submitted a crash report.

After updating to OS X 10.9, Procaster 20.3.25 will not launch without immediately crashing.
This is on a mid-2009 Mac Mini. I've had to revert my Procaster all the way back to 20.2.0 to succesfully broadcast in Mavericks. I tried every version in between, and 20.2.0 is the only one that does not immediately crash on launch.

theRamenNoodle 3rd November 2013 22:37

That's really weird because my problem with 20.3.25M on Mavericks is the opposite. I can launch and stream with Procaster, but stopping playback (at least with my first live-stream since upgrading) crashed the app.

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