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rikgior 16th October 2013 10:22

Procaster won't start streaming
Just downloaded Procaster and tried to Go Live with it to test out how everything looked/worked, but it doesn't even fully start up for me.

I'm trying to stream my desktop with Asus Virtual Camera, and to be safe I set it first to Mobile Quality (I was planning on slowly raising the kbs to see how far i could push it with my setup). I then hit "Go Live" and it loads up to "starting camera" then my webcam light flashes on then off and the load bar reads "stopping camera". I then get an error message "Livestream Procaster Error opening camera (it can be busy)".

WingedWolfAlari 11th November 2013 12:15

Procaster won't start streaming
I just downloaded the latest version of Procaster earlier today. I went through all of the tutorials, and tried to go live. All that showed up was the loading screen which after a few seconds, reverts to the go live screen. I'm no software expert so, I'm not sure what to list. All I know is that I have the latest updated version of the Macbook Air

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