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profgus 24th September 2013 09:07

Display Local Time
Hi guys, I have noticed that, on the updated iOS version of Livestream Producer, when I access any of my events, it displays the event start and end times matching the local timezone (that would be the Sao Paulo timezone, GMT -03:00). Why don't you allow users to select which timezone to display on the event webpage? The way it is right now (mandatory Eastern time), it's quite confusing for those who visit our profile or event pages, because, depending on daylight savings time here or there, the variation goes from 1 to 3 hours. If I announce an event at 8:30pm, people visit the event page and see 7:30pm. Then people get online at 7:30, we're not live, and chances are they will not return at 8:30... Please consider implementing this feature! Thanks

melbice 3rd October 2013 02:31

Totally agree. We have lost a high value client as recently as two days ago on the basis that Livestream is our partner of choice and they can't live with the event start/end time displaying 'wrong', without even so much as the ability to at least hide the times completely.

Super-annoying when dealing with the viewers.

profgus 15th October 2013 20:21

Any news? Thanks

bblinder 16th November 2013 11:08

Hi Profgus,

This is a very popular feature request that's been passed on to our developers. We'll keep you posted!

profgus 26th December 2013 11:16

Much appreciated
Thank you very much, Brandon! Not that I have a lot of hope, but is there any chance that this will be readily available in early 2014? We have a series of peak events coming up between January 4th and January 7th and we're expecting more than 1,000 watchers per session. I can only estimate how many viewers we lose because of the displayed time, but I am positive the number is significant. Thanks again and Happy Holidays

profgus 16th March 2014 16:08

Local Time
Hi guys,
any news?
Shouldn't be that hard... The same functionality is a standard in the iOS app!

profgus 8th September 2014 18:47

Any news on this issue? Brandon and everyone? Thanks

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