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iebflores 24th September 2013 07:35

Can't find right codification for uploaded videos
Hi... I am a bit frustrated with this issue. Sometimes, due to human error or connection error, my live videos don't get published correctly (I have a Basic Paid account in new livestream). So what I do is go to my local videos folder, look for the video that Livestream saved there, and try to upload it.
I always get "Transcoding Failed, Retrying". The video shows up.
Then I tried converting the videos, leaving the format as the original. Only once I was able to get a video published like this, it was a one minute video (we usually publish 2 hours videos).
But the rest of the time I get an error that says "Can't find all the atoms" or something like that.

What I would like to know is what is the right format (codecs, bitrate, audio codecs, etc) for a video to be accepted by Livestream, and if there is any recommended video editing or conversion tool to create the videos that will be later uploaded.


Matthew_Holota 24th September 2013 09:17

You can find Livestream's recommended encoding settings for the New Livestream platform here:

We also like to recommend encoding files with MPEG-Streamclip, which is a free install here:

If you are unable to upload clips that have saved locally from Livestream for Producers, I would also suggest that you please create a support ticket by sending a full description of the issue to, as those files should generally be within spec. We'd very much like to help you troubleshoot that issue further.

Thank you for using Livestream.

Pballa 12th October 2013 23:13

AppGeeker has a conversion program too, check this. I usually use it and works well.

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