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dcyber 20th September 2013 11:09

Can you record locally while streaming?
Is there a way that I can record locally to my computer hard drive what I am stream live to the internet? I am using the Intensity Pro card.

We had a problem last week with the Anti-lag feature constantly kicking in and internet connection lost. I am thinking it was just our router needing to be rebooted, but we lost our whole stream because of that. If we could have recorded locally as well, then we could have uploaded that completed video once we finished.


dcyber 23rd September 2013 12:10

Nevermind, figured it out on my own.

lisakahl 17th February 2014 12:06

You can use different application tools for record streaming locally. You can use livestream, VLC, CamStudio etc for recording.

wojtekdp 21st February 2014 09:30

You could however everything depends on your computer. If you have powerful u could, and in what resolution are you streaming?
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