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Sotalean 11th September 2013 19:38

Chat is missing?? Help!
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Hey everyone.

I've tried googling to solve this problem on my own but I can't get it to work.

When I open Procaster I cannot see any of my windows. "Chat", "Promote" and "Player" are all black screens and I have no way of accessing them.

So far I have tried:
checking all my settings
restarting my comp
reinstalling the software

and so far I haven't been able to fix the issue.

Any ideas on what to do?

JPET09 11th September 2013 19:43

Temporary Procaster Chat/Promote Fix
This is a known bug that we're investigating. Until it's resolved, try rolling back your flash to this version:

It should temporarily fix the issue. We will hopefully have a more permanent solution soon. If the problem persists, please open up a ticket in our support center.

nikiera 14th September 2013 17:40

Yeah, I've been having the same issue. Livestream chat doesn't show up in the procaster pane.

littleartemis 23rd December 2013 18:55

The issue is still existing, any idea when it will be resolved?

I was told when I last talked to support that it was an issue on Adobe's end but they've updated multiple times since.

MultimediaPanda 20th January 2014 22:26

I have no idea but their quick fix is really irritating, because rolling back flash player that far now doesn't allow you to use pretty much the rest of the internet while streaming. I haven't streamed much since this issue started sometime last year. I'm very unhappy.

annebeeche 15th March 2014 15:04

It is March 2014 and this issue still exists for Procaster version 20.3.25M, at least for Mac OS 10.9.1 and flash version for chrome

BeccaDePrisco 26th March 2014 17:47

I'm having the same issue. Do they have any intention of fixing this?

bblinder 26th March 2014 18:04

This has been addressed in other threads. The issue is present with recent versions of Flash, where Adobe has made a configuration change which affected the chat integration with Procaster.

We're working on a long-term solution, but I cannot offer an ETA at this time.

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