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Dama130 10th September 2013 11:53

What CAN'T I stream???
Hi, I been on livestream for a while but only as a spectator of other channels. Now I want to start streaming stuff but notice a lot of rules suddenly which make me nervous to even consider doing a livestream.

These are the things I WANT to stream:

1) Game Streaming: Is one of the things I want to do. I'm sure plenty of people do play throughs of games on here I just want to make sure... is there any limits copyright wise or is it all good to play any game on here like some Nickeloden brand game?

2) Art Streaming: I may want to livestream me doing my artwork, though I NEED to listen to music while drawing. Is streaming certain music like: Lady Gaga , someone's youtube cover of a song, or Vocaloid stuff, get me in hot water? Should I consider making a non-copyright safe playlist or a list of credits for a playlist in the description?

3) Movie Streaming: I KNOW for a fact that streaming movies is a no-no, but I don't mean to stream Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. The movies I was thinking about streaming are old and/or bad movies and me and other friends on Skype talk during it, make fun of it or just cry over it; Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. If this is STILL unacceptable, please let me know.

I know I'm acting like they passed the SOPA act, but I need to know what I can't stream before I start.

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