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PapaBruce 22nd August 2013 19:39

tried all available fixes, still having issues.
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Today I went through an uninstalled flash, uninstalled procaster, deleted the redirector extention, rebooted, reinstalled flash via firefox, reinstalled procaster, and I'm still having issues.

When I booted it up today I had internal speakers as an option again, something that made my day! But I learned that by going to my system preferences and switching to audioredirector, my viewers could hear the sound but I could not.

I followed all the steps to uninstall flash and reinstall it and thankfully got my chat back but I was still having the same sound problems. That is by choosing built in speakers, I was not able to hear any sound but my viewers could.

In my system preferences there were 3 options. My airplay, built in speakers, and audioredirector for output and microphone or redirector for input sources.

I have attached two screen grabs of my options NOW after all uninstalls, reinstalls, and dragging the procaster audioredirector into the trash. What other options do I have?

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