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ShadowTails 11th July 2013 11:56

New Flash Player update breaks Procaster
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I recently updated Flash Player and now the chat and various other tabs for the Procaster app will not load. I have attached screenshots of what the app currently looks like. I am currently running Procaster ver. 20.3.25 with Adobe Flash Player 11 for Mac.

ZerachielAmora 15th July 2013 22:28

I'm having this issue as well.

Dragnia 18th July 2013 23:24

I, too, am having this problem. Why hasn't this been resolved yet?

ruheed 18th July 2013 23:43

Thanks for reporting. This issue has been escalated and it's currently being investigated. We'll update you once the issue has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

ShadowTails 19th July 2013 16:45

It would appear the problem also affects most of the flash-based applications on the Livestream website (at least, for Firefox. Crome does not give me problems). Channel configuration apps are completely blank and options to pop out the chat or video on the channel page are blank as well. I only have this problem on livestream's website, nowhere else.

PapaBruce 24th July 2013 00:31

I'm having the same issue but it broke my audio as well. I used to be able to configure it for internal audio and now I ONLY have the option for built in microphone. Please help?

maplebee 24th July 2013 19:11

Same problem here.

baskervwatson 25th July 2013 05:55

Same here, everything is up to date regarding version on my comp. Is there any more forward motion towards fixing this?

ruheed 31st July 2013 02:17

Hello Everyone,

We are aware that this issue was caused by the most recent update of flash version. While we are working on a way to fix this issue, a temporary workaround to get the Procaster chat working would be by reverting to previous version of flash. In order to revert, you'd need to do the following:
- Uninstall current version of flash using Firefox
- Restart your computer
-download and install version 11.7 using Firefox from here:
-Launch Procaster and check if the Livestream chat works or not

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