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Drizzerey 26th June 2013 00:35

I am confused an fairly upset
Ok so I haven't streamed in years because of unable to, due to bad connection. Well now I have a decent connection to start streaming again, however I seem to have come back at the worst possible time.

I download the current procaster and am very angry to find the chat is completely not functional, even though everyone else I have been watching, recently I might add, have their chats working just fine. There are now 2 different websites which the second newer one refuses to allow me to log into my existing account and FORCES me to log in with my facebook account. There is also absolutely no answers for me as to why this is, and why the chat function that has been working for everyone just fine is not working for me.

I do not see much of a point of streaming if I can not chat with the people watching. I might as well just record myself and post it on youtube! I am not getting any answers on how to do this, I do not want all the new shinies I just want to stream like I used to without problems! I would like to know how everyone else is streaming just fine and not knowing what all this new thing is about?

Here is a link with a screen shot and everything to further explain as to what I am talking about. Now I just want a simple answer as to what I am supposed to do to stream normally and NO I DO NOT WANT TO LOG IN WITH MY FACEBOOK INFORMATION! My account information should work just fine.

I will explain the things I have tried to do aside from asking people who use the streaming I am used to, computer techs and friends. I have looked at other forum posts, I have uninstalled and reinstalled flash as was a suggestion which did nothing, I have searched high and low for an older procast download with no success. I have tried to submit a ticket and have yet to hear back(so hoping the forum will be helpful) I have tried calling the number that is posted right in front of my face all the time, which is neglected to mention that it is for premium users only. I guess I am supposed to embed a widget? Or something but there is no where on this website or the program to embed it or even confirm that yes I want that widget.

I am extremely frustrated at this point and would like some sort of help please.

Drizzerey 26th June 2013 12:11

Ok I got my answer finally, and the main problem is that everything looks exactly the same.

Procaster vs. Producer got it, they both look so identical I thought they were the same, my mistake.

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