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milokey 18th June 2013 21:33

Drop in audio output
Hi, this is an odd audio problem that I get when I'm streaming.
As soon as I open Audio Mixer (and while streaming), any audio (speaker's audio) that is playing will experience a significant drop in volume, and will resume normal volume only when audio mixer or the stream is closed.

I assume this is a feature to decrease noise on the mic, but even with mic audio disabled it'll still reduce the volume on the speakers.

And when I say reduced volume, I mean on my end. Nothing wrong on the user end whatsoever.

I don't experience this problem when running procaster version 20, but versions 20.2 and up have this problem.

milokey 19th June 2013 01:05

haha, with more experimentation I was able to replicate the same problem in version 20 as well.

I'm not sure what I did exactly when I had it working without the audio problem. There's a slight possibility that I still had one of the older audio redirects in the extensions folder.
(I deleted four of them when I was fixing the speaker audio not appearing issue, but that was a separate unrelated issue.)

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