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ravon53 18th June 2013 14:52

Clear Stick atlas connection issue
Trying to connect the Broadcaster unit to Livestream using Clear Stick Atlas 4g.
Clear Stick works with computer to browse internet, checked for updates on Clear website, shows up to date. reset to factory defaults. Has 4 of 5 bars.

Broadcaster connects to Livestream by Wi-Fi OK, paired device OK, streamed video to Livestream from camera connect by HDMI over Wi-Fi OK.
This is the second Broadcaster with same issue so it's something other than the box.

I reset the box just to try it, no change

When device starts up is says preparing network hardware, preparing usb hardware then shows, 'Please connect me to the internet'

When I select 3g/4g it says 'Attached 3g/4g device detected, connecting...'
Then 'Contacting, Please wait ....'
Then 'Failed to connect 3g/4g device'
Then retries

Any ideas? A setting or something needed to be configured?

I have not replaced the Clear Stick yet because it works fine with computers, tested on a Mac and PC, connects to internet just fine on both.

Thanks for any help.

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