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Varlo 6th June 2013 23:43

Chat tab errors in Procaster
For the past hour or so I've had all sort of crazy errors in the Procaster practically hindering me from using it. Before anyone says anything, I've updated the Procaster and Flash Player, restarted and reinstalled, and tried other versions through the sites suggested previously on a similar thread stretching 4 pages, it doesn't work. I've had everything from seeing a strange blank "procaster" channel page with 50+ viewers IN the chat tab of the Procaster (yes an actual website in the tab) to a simple "Flash Player required" sort of message, when I clearly have it already installed. On top of that, this at first did not happen on my OTHER channel until I tried to fix the problem. Now both of my active channels are rather unstable with no pattern of what loads, what freezes, and what gives me a plain old error message. Why is this happening, is Livestream itself having issues? I'd really appreciate a response on what is going on because I'm about stumped now.

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