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RawrArf 30th May 2013 23:46

Extremely bad service since last week
I'm usually not the person to complain publicly, Livestream has been decent for me for the last year, but since last week, it's been a pain to get anything to work, from watching streams to streaming on my end.

Stream viewers have issues loading the player, then loading the video, then having it actually update instead of being just a freeze frame all the time.

Loading more than one tab of stream content on my browsers usually ends up with flash crashing, other times only one of the stream channels will actually work, the rest will have the issue explained in the previous paragraph.

Procaster says "Perfect Streaming" when it's not actually showing anything to the viewers.

And as I'm typing right now I can't even enter my own streaming page.

I'd like to know what is going on, I'd like to continue using the service, but as things keep getting worse, I'm looking into alternatives.

Nelosa 29th July 2014 12:55

I've been running into this recently, while I'm using procaster and get the message 'perfect streaming' people tuning into said stream through the site are getting these issues.

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