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JasonPaul601 25th May 2013 01:07

Streams will not work
At about 11:00 PM Central Time, all streams stopped working for me. The stream would begin to load, then cut to s static image. Occasionally the stream would start up for a few seconds, only to cut off again. This happened a few times earlier in the day, but the stream would continue after a few minutes. This time it has stopped entirely. it doesn't seem to be an issue with my computer, as I tried on another computer in my house and got the same results. As said, streams had worked fine for weeks until this happened.

Thanks in advance.

siritgoboomalot 25th May 2013 03:59

Yeah you aren't alone at this time, looking into solutions myself. I'm seeing alot of gaming streams are down in favor of twitch. Hopefully this get's resolved.

Btw what version of flash, I'm wondering if that's related. I'm using 11.6.602.180 because latest was giving me problems.

slugbox 25th May 2013 14:41

I can't believe this isn't fixed yet. EVERY stream crashes within a few minutes.

Henry_live 25th May 2013 14:44

Hey guys, which channels are you attempting to watch? I would like to attempt to replicate the problem since it doesn't seem to be a platform wide issue.

Also, where are you all located?

slugbox 25th May 2013 14:47

I'm in the states, on the east coast. Many channels in the Arts and Creativity section simply stop playing, lagging, and in many cases Flash simply crashes.

misterz100 25th May 2013 16:18

Still doesn't work (with chrome or IE), and doesn't on mobile anymore either. Stream struggles to function, see stream for like 5 seconds then freezes for a few mins before playing a bit more, where as the mobile site I uses to always use not has no functionality whatsoever on my Android using chrome, I click on the window and it tells me site not found blah blah blah might have been moved or removed blah blah

HollyJollyXmas 25th May 2013 16:22

Same as Slug. I'm on the eastern coast of North America, the arts category and I'm experiencing problems with crashing.

PiscesLeo 25th May 2013 19:50

I'm trying to watch Krishna Das on Yogaville and nothing is happening.

Eppy37 25th May 2013 20:08

All the people trying to watch my stream last night had this problem as well. Turned into a disaster real fast.

Darkwingfan2011 29th May 2013 23:21

Issues since Friday
I too have been having issues with Livestream as of late, beginning last Friday May 24th when I couldn't go into someone's stream...just kept loading and loading and loading. Since then everytime I go into someone's stream, the video won't show, just a white page while the chat is still visible. I refresh to get the video up, but then the video freezes. Just the other night I was trying to enjoy a livestream my friend was doing but it was difficult cause it was constantly freezing. I had cleaned out my cache and history numerous times as well as did a scan to make sure I had no viruses. Also when I go from one page to another and click into chat, it wouldn't allow me everything had froze. Really annoying. My browser I use most is Chrome, but it's also an issue in Internet Explorer as well. A few of my friends have also been experiencing the same problems it's not just me!!! Please get this fixed ASAP!!!!

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