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donnya 28th April 2013 21:31

Hardware needed for New Livestream
Quad Core CPU
1500Kbps upload bandwidth (check this by visiting
Dedicated video card, 512MB VRAM
Windows Vista / Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

This is the hardware requirements listed by Livestream. I have been charged with setting up our church with a computer capable of running New Livestream and would like to hear of the success stories of the good computers. I am not a Apple/Mac person, but will consider that as well. We are currently at 1Mbps upload, but will be upgrading to a faster cable modem speed, probably 2Mbps. Also, our current camera has HDMI, SDI, and Firewire output. I would like to be able to input to the computer with the SDI connection. A second camera is also in the planning in about 6-9 months.

enten 13th February 2014 11:50

What works for me...
Donnya... this reply may be farr too late, but I just saw your post.

I'm using Dell E6410 laptops (available used for $250 or so), since they have firewire ports, to stream feeds from Sony cameras with firewire connections. These are working great for me.


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