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BarometerBob 21st April 2013 15:54

IRC Chat options
I have posted this before, requesting a way to link an existing irc chat to the livestream chat module.
The problem we are having is the resolution of the irc flash chat and the video window that would allow people to see both.
Our current irc is not configurable to change the size, being it's a swf, so with the video window and chat window on the same page/screen it is too wide to watch or type in the irc.
An option to use the size of the livestream chat module but have a well established irc channel where moderators can moderate from their irc programs would be so helpful.
We are trying to configure a solution. It's difficult for a host to do a live broadcast and moderate a chat without the help of some friends doing the chat moderation. Plus, we have noticed a downsize in our interactivity being the resolution to the page to allow a viewable video window to match the irc window is beyond what most people use.
let us know what has become of this request!

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