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Icicru 20th April 2013 15:19

Issue never got resolved with Dimak
okay so I've sent the email message to the takedown email address I was referred to a few times now, but nothing has happened, no response, nothing. so Im just going to repost what I said here because this is ridiculous.

Hello, I've posted something here just to let you know but since this is a dire issue for me and my entire group I will be repeating it.

I'm the leader of the group of streamers and community at Dimak. Recently a EX-member decided to play the game of revenge, he was going to be demodded in 24 hours, but it wasn't final. I was going to let him come back because this wasn't the first time he has been warned and he had been a member for two years so I gave some leniency. However my kindness proved to be the very thing that I now regret, as he instead of being mature, he decided to say "screw it". He streamed pornographic content on our channel Dimak while no one was streaming and he actually REPORTED HIMSELF; shortly after we were locked down and I know he was the only one who reported us.

I'm hoping you can see that Dimak is a group of dedicated people who just want to have fun while playing video games and that the action of this one malicious individual is NOT the aim of Dimak. After all we have been playing by the rules and have had momentous times with Livestream during the past two years, why on earth would we suddenly throw it away?

Dimak, to me, personally, means two hard long years of work, friendships, great times and more. I would be crushed if I lost the channel that started it all, I also do not want to be the bearer of bad news to my group and say the place here Dimak originated is history. Sorry if this is a bit long, but Dimak is something very important and I will do anything to get it back. If you need proof that it was a saboteur, I have conversation histories with him and my group has their own conversations with him. Any further questions or whatever I will be happy to answer.

Thank you for your time,

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