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redmewtwo 19th April 2013 14:17

game mode chat hud issues; please help
i'm sorry, i accidently posted this in the wrong thread x.x


well...i don't know if it's a problem, or ignorance on my part (probly the ladder)

when in game, i give commentary upon not only whats going on, but also what everyone says.
It increases shock value, audience satisfaction and well, you all know the rest.

usually, i do window mode, so i can record an individual window, and watch the chat at the same time; so i can commentate on both.

But now, i want to move onto bigger things, full screen; so i do everything it asks me to to launch up game-mode, and everything works fine. i can even see chat.

heres the problem:
i can only see the first few chat messages, the hud refuses to scroll up or refresh new messages.
so throughout, i'll see like, maybe the first 7 messages; as the rest of the messages never reach my attention (slightly embarrassing)

i've tried looking up the problem to see if there was any way to fix it, or any way to configure this, but to no luck.

any help will be very much appreciated, thank you <:3

redmewtwo 19th April 2013 14:18

dangit, sorry for the double post >.<

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