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sheeeeeeeit 3rd April 2013 14:22

trouble giving mod priveleges
I'm a mod on my channel and i have the option to grant other users mod privileges. however, when i click that button, it does say "this user is now a mod" or something like that. however, that user is not a mod, doesn't show up as a mod, cannot do mod things (banning and such). I've asked the stream owner about this and he cant find a solution. I'm a mod with streaming capabilities (or a producer/ on the production team) if that answers or helps anything. Also, it would be great if i could remove those privileges, too, so if I give mod privileges to someone and they screw around, I can remove those privileges.

sheeeeeeeit 3rd April 2013 16:53

can someone help?

sheeeeeeeit 12th April 2013 20:40

can anyone please help? no response in 9 days and all the posts in here are from me?

sheeeeeeeit 12th April 2013 20:43

just found out only chat room owner can grant mod privileges, but then why give me the option? i think you should allow me to grant moderator privileges

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