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chitownlounge 24th March 2013 18:58

Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder & Separate Audio
I read that when using the Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder with Livestream for Producers, audio has to come in through the HDMI as embedded, and you cannot use separate audio "Audio has to be on the same HDMI cable". I don't understand, is this true? If I wanted to plug in the the L/R 1/4" into the Blackmaig Pro Recorder, Livestream for Producers won't be able to recognize that audio? I'm trying to have a separate mic or direct audio connection separate from the camera. Is this possible with the Blackmagic? Would I have to use the Composite ports?

chitownlounge 24th March 2013 19:29

I read I can convert an HDMI to either a composite, S-Video, or Component workflow. Which of the 3 is recommended/easiest while still retaining highest quality? Thanks. Or is this even recommended at all?

chitownlounge 24th March 2013 19:38

And, what would happen if I plugged in a separate USB microphone and added it to the Audio mixer settings? Would I be able to capture the direct sound from an audio mixer through the Pro Recorder as well as the microphone's audio?

chitownlounge 27th March 2013 13:46

Never mind. I ended up getting the ADVC110.

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