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iwasneverinyourcas 17th March 2013 22:55

Procaster doesn't pick up speaker audio
I'm using OS X version 10.8.2 and when I try to broadcast it doesn't pick up the speaker audio. In the audio mixer, I have two audio options: Speaker's Audio and Built-in Microphone however it just wont pick up the sound

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Procaster, deleting the ProcasterAudioRedirector file and then unistalling and reinstalling Procaster, I've rebooted a few times but there has been no change.

I never had this problem when using Procaster on my PC, it's just on Mac

ACEChess 10th April 2013 12:40

Procaster Doesn't work for Mac
I have the same issues. No matter how many times I uninstall the program, uninstall the audioredirector, etc it just doesn't pick up speaker sound.

Never had this issue with my PC. The issues I have faced with Procaster and LiveStream in general over the last year, and the unintelligible responses have me and my company (one of your large premium accounts "chesscom") actively looking for another provider :-(

This is very upsetting.

Daniel Rensch
Director of

TeaKayBlue 19th July 2013 01:38

This was posted in April and there are still no answers?

I have this same issue. Procaster has only picked up on my speaker audio once and that was apparently a fluke. Aside from that one rare occasion, procaster has NEVER been able to broadcast my speaker audio. I am running OSX 10.6.8 and Procaster 20.3.25M. Doesn't ANYONE have an answer?!I have been looking for a way to solve this issue for almost a year and haven't been able to locate a single solution. No matter how many different versions of procaster I try, it never broadcasts the speaker audio and if I want any type of audio I have to go through my mic and try to be as quiet as possible. This is unbelievably frustrating.

ruheed 19th July 2013 01:48


Could you please open up a support ticket from here: and include the link to this forum thread as well your Procaster logs (Preferences->Video tab->save logs), we'll be able to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue further.

ShadowTails 19th July 2013 17:06

From one Mac user to another, see if this works. Check your Sound setting in your System Preferences (Apple>System Preferences>Sound). While you have the Audio Mixer up in Procaster (The window where you can see your volume levels and sources), make sure your Sound settings for Output in Apple's System Preferences are on Procaster Audioredirector, not Internal Speakers (or Headphones if you wear a headset). Likewise, make sure that the Output is set to Internal Speakers (or Headphones) when the mixer is closed.

Your settings should look like this when you have the mixer up:

And like this when you have your mixer closed:

Hope this helps,

PapaBruce 24th July 2013 00:33

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This does not help. I used to be able to choose internal audio and while my settings never chanced, the flash update took away that option and now the ONLY one I am being given is built in microphone. This is a problem because the sound comes out distorted now through the microphone and picks up every little thing I say or do.

milkyetoile 12th August 2013 11:52

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I'm getting the same problem on my end. I also tried the suggested fix with reinstalling and it didn't work. I tried going to the settings to check on the output, it's not picking up anything on Procaster. Actually, it won't play any sound at all anymore, not even for my computer, when I start broadcasting though I still have the audio options of built-in mic and stereo.

BelleMoon09 19th September 2013 09:31

My Audio Fix
I have a windows 7 OS and this worked for me.

1. Open Procaster

2. select preferences

3. go to the "Audio" tab

4. Select "Open Audio Mixer"

5. Use drop down menu to select "Default Input Device"

Nayolfa 25th June 2014 21:14

Won't Work Either.
On a Mac Book, and If i try to set the output to Audioredirector, it takes the sound away from my headset. I want to let my viewers listen to the music I'm listening to, and I want to listen to it also...

This used to work fine for some reason, and now it doesn't. Some reason it doesn't mess up on my Windows though.

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