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cbcdavison 17th March 2013 18:51

Procaster additions
I would like to see a pause button for broadcasting. It would allow for quick changes on the fly without end users being able to see things as well as them needing to see the stream go down instead of just pausing.

It would also be nice to see a counter of how many people are connected. I know that you can see that in studio, but we use procaster exclusively for our broadcasts. There's room in the procaster window to the right of the counter, right above the CPU percentage.

cbcdavison 27th March 2013 13:36

Another addition that I thought might be nice is the ability to manually control the recording process. There are times that people only want to record certain parts of broadcasts for the On Demand portion of livestream. Currently if I want the stream recorded, I have to either stop and restart the stream when I want to create a recording of a certain section (which doesn't make viewers happy when they lose connection for a little bit) or I have to record the entire broadcast and then go back through later and manually cut and edit the footage down to the section that I wanted recorded.



Henry_live 27th March 2013 13:39

Thanks for the feedback and feature requests. They are both great ideas and I'm sure you're not the only one looking for this type of functionality. I have passed these along for review.

cbcdavison 27th March 2013 13:41


Keep up the good work!

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