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itech278 12th March 2013 18:33

Original Livestream Question
Hello everyone!

I have used Livestream for a few years now, and I am helping someone set up a Live video streaming service set up. I have an "original" Livestream account, and I prefer it over the "New" Livestream platform (so I want to set an "original" account up for him). My question is: how would one go about creating a "original" Livestream account instead of a "New" livestream account?

Also, I read on the LS blog post about the "New" Livestream that the Original Livestream would still be available. Are there any plans of deleting the "Original" service and going 100% to the "New" service? I would hope not, but I figured I would ask.


ruheed 14th March 2013 01:22


You can signup for an account on Original Livestream here:

We currently don't have any plans of retiring Original Livestream yet.

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