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RainyDayMemories 11th March 2013 23:44

Livestream Procaster won't let me log in
I opened procaster and it worked perfectly fine. It then showed an ad that said I should update my procaster to the lastest version so I did just that. As soon as i downloaded it though it wouldn't let me log in. It would always say "login fail" I thought maybe it was a bug with the new program so I uninstalled it and installed the previous version back. It still wouldn't let me log back on. I have uninstalled and installed it again many times and I even restarted my computer but it still doesn't work! HELP!

ernielive 12th March 2013 11:38

Are you restarting your computer in between reinstallations? Does your network have any firewalls in place? If so, try open ports 80 and 1935.

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