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LiveStudio21 11th March 2013 18:42

Live Stream Studio demo Formats

I have been using the Live Stream Studio demo for a few days, but am having trouble importing MP4, MOV and AVI formats. Once imported, the video are either green or are messed up. My settings are set to 16:9 NTSC all frame-rate. I imported one of the windows video sample 'Wildlife' 1280 X 720 30FPS (WMV) and that plays fine. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

ernielive 12th March 2013 11:30

Sometimes setting the aspect ratio causes issues with the uploaded file. I'd recommend leaving the aspect ratio in the upload dialogue as auto-detect. If clips continue to be problematic you may want to try transcoding them locally to meet your channel settings (video bit rate/codec, audio bit rate/codec, file type, etc.)

LiveStudio21 13th March 2013 02:54

Thank you for the reply. Where do I find 'Auto detect'?

Thank you.

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