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chitownlounge 11th March 2013 13:02

3rd Party Transcoder for Adaptive Bitrate Stream
Can I use a 3rd party transcoder to send adaptive bitrate stream to

I can only record live at 1-1.5mbps bitrate. I want to send that to a transcoder on a remote server with higher bandwidth so it can then send the adaptive bitrates to

Does allow this? I was considering using the Wowza transcoder for example.

I Guess I'm trying to achieve adaptive bitrate with only a 1-1.5mbps source stream (where the camera is) by using a middleman server with a transcoder and higher bandwidth.

ernielive 12th March 2013 11:36


Multi bit rate streaming to Original Livestream can only be done with Procaster (or Livestream plugin for Tricaster) at this time.

chitownlounge 14th March 2013 10:47

What about the New Livestream?

chitownlounge 14th March 2013 10:56

A representative from Wowza suggested maybe I could do an "RTMP push of each stream."

Would that work, or no?

chitownlounge 19th March 2013 11:26

How can I achieve adaptive bitrate streaming with the new May I use the Livestream Broadcaster if I have 3-5 MBPs upload speed? May I use the Teradek Cube, i.e., 500? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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