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Nifur 10th March 2013 10:13

Cant record mic with line in
hi , i cant record line in ( entry sound from console game ) and my mic dont have sound

look this screenshot :

im used windows 7 and livestream ,

can you help me ?

ernielive 11th March 2013 10:45


The red light next to your levels means the audio device cannot be opened by Procaster. What type of mic are you using; how is it connected to the computer? Do you have the mic open and in use through any other program?

Nifur 11th March 2013 11:19

Hi , look its my config :

i use skype and my mic works .

ernielive 11th March 2013 11:23

Do you have Skype (or any other programs that use the mic) open while you have Procaster open? Are you using a voice chat application with your game?

Nifur 11th March 2013 15:01

i have try with , and without skype , and its dont works.

ernielive 12th March 2013 10:57


You will likely need a mixer, as capturing from both Mic and Line in as separate sources is not possible. You could get a splitter to take both inputs through a single source, or use something like a USB mic which can be mixed as a source independent of your sound card.

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