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mykelstarr 9th March 2013 20:56

Help me pls!!
I will buy a 2nd hand Macbook white unibody 2.4ghz core 2 duo and a Sony mini dv HDV HCR 7
are that gadgets will compatilbe to livestream?

ernielive 11th March 2013 10:24

I don't see any Sony cameras with that model number. If it's an HDV camera and your laptop has firewire, you should be able to connect directly provided the camera is configured for standard definition. If firewire is not an option, you would need a capture device (available in our store) depending on the input options of your encoding machine - Thunderbolt, USB3.0, or USB2.0.

mykelstarr 11th March 2013 11:53

Are all macbook laptops have firewire? Thankyou. How can i live with mac?

ernielive 12th March 2013 10:35

You should confirm with the reseller whether or not the model in question has Firewire.

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