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lynndosch 9th March 2013 18:02

new livestream vs livestream
I'm confused. I've been participating in broadcasts from Tiffany Spaulding on Livestream for 6 weeks now. I just got info to sign up for livestream broadcasts for and when I went to log in, livestream didn't recognize my username/password. I registered again with the same credentials I was using for my previous livestream events. What's the story? I only want to view/participate in livestream broadcasts, not become a broadcaster myself. I also don't see anyway to follow the ancestry streams and therefore get email notifications RE these broadcasts. It would appear I have 2 accounts - one on and one on livestream. I would like to only have one account and have a way to follow the streams I'm participating in. Is this possible?

ernielive 11th March 2013 10:16

Hi, can be found on the Original Livestream, here. The ability to follow accounts on the Original Platform is not currently available, however this feature is available on New Livestream.

Original Livestream login can be found at - New Livestream login is found at If the login URLs are confusing, you can tell which platform you're attempting to login to with the following rule: Original Livestream will always ask for a user name and password, and New Livestream always asks for email address and password.

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