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kothet7 4th March 2013 03:39

24/7 Broadcasting?

I would like to launch a channel that broadcast 24/7. Can I use Premium account from and pay $399/month?


ernielive 5th March 2013 16:01

I would suggest getting in touch with our Premium Sales team. They can be reached at US (Toll Free): 1 (877) 977-8732 or International +1 646 490 1679, or by filling out the information in the following URL:

kothet7 6th March 2013 22:33


One more question, can I embed livestream player on my website with any of the new plans? (free, basic, premium) or just premium plan and other plans will required users to come to to watch it?


ernielive 8th March 2013 16:20


The New Livestream Premium plan will allow you to embed live content. You cannot embed the live player with any of the other plans, however you can embed on-demand content with the Free and Basic plans.

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