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rskjei88 2nd March 2013 15:23

Low framerate
I have an asus g75v laptop that has pretty decent specs I thought. I ran the test for your upload speed and its over 2 mb/sec... I try to play any game while broadcasting even on mobile quality and the game just starts to suffer in fps. I also changed my theme to the windows classic theme. Is there anything I can do???

athlon1 5th March 2013 09:38

what type of camera are you using, web cam. or Cam corder. Cam Corder seem to get better fps. My cam corder gets 29.99 fps using a firewire connection, I also use a web cam, when I do a show on the road its an Microsoft HD 5000 it averages about 22 fps. A warning about the web cams. you will need to adjust your brightness, the brighter you have your web camera the slower the fps, so if you can make it as dark as possible to get more fps. Just some information thought I would pass along.

ernielive 5th March 2013 15:20


Have you tried increasing the 'Control Game FPS' setting in Procaster's preferences? This option is found under the 'Game' tab.

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