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Lizardwithhat 27th February 2013 11:58

Broadcast through HDMI (urgent!!!)
I have a Sony handycam and as far as I understand
I can live stream from HDMI (my camera has mini hdmi in it) which
is meant for attaching an external monitor but basically it is a video
transition. Technically I could record it and or stream it but will livestream
recognize it as a camera? If so I only have to plug in the hdmi and hdmi mini
to the computer and video camera and it should work?
( I know all about the HDMI in out issues) I will try it on 3 different types of
laptops and if even that fails I will drag a desktop with me =)

To summarize can I stream from my handycam that has micro HDMI meant for an external screen?

Camera model in case it helps:

Worst case I could use:
Sony a65
Samsung smart camera EX2F (rather not)

ernielive 28th February 2013 12:18


In order to stream via HDMI you will need a capture device. Plugging your camera directly into your computer's HDMI port will not work. Depending on the other available ports on your encoding machine (Thunderbolt, USB3.0, USB2.0, PCI express) I recommend one of the Blackmagic devices available in our store.

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