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Dethy187 19th February 2013 14:49

Error Connection Failed
A few minutes ago Procaster prompted with an update. I updated and now get a message that says "Error Connection Failed" I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, restarting my computer and downloaded it straight from the web site.

ernielive 20th February 2013 12:43


Are you on Mac or PC? Please Try downgrading to a previous release of Procaster as a temporary solution to this issue:

-Move Procaster to trash
-Empty trash
-Restart Computer

-Remove Procaster from Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
-Restart computer

Once the computer restarts, download and install Procaster 20.3.22 if you're on Mac, or Procaster 20.3.10 if you're on PC. Let me know if this helps.

jimsanders 8th April 2013 21:57

same problem error connection failed
My Procaster and Livestream Studio products have worked just about flawlessly for a couple of years. I am using XP Pro sp2.

However, as the original poster stated, I too saw the link to an update to Livestream Procaster. I downloaded it and installed it. When trying to login, I ended up getting the connection failed error.

I removed the latest version using control panel, restarted my PC and installed the updated version. Error connection failed.

I have also removed everything regarding Livestream and Procaster from the registry. Re-installed several versions with the same result, error connection failed.

I have done nothing different to my computer before or after the upgrade to the newest version of Livestream Procaster.

It appears from this forum that there are a growing number of users having the same problem and the technical help fixes don't seem to get it resolved.

Do I need to upgrade my OS to Win7 or beyond? If so, perhaps you need to indicate that to we users prior to our downloading the newest version of Procaster.

I loved this program and it went way beyond meeting my expectations and needs. However, now I cannot use it and have not been able two for the past three weeks.

One other consequence of trying to use Procaster is when I log in, it freezes my internet connection most of the time and to get Procaster to attempt to login I have to reset the modem several times to get a "internet-out" line. I use AT&T internet.

Please suggest something to fix this that works.

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