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tejasj 19th February 2013 05:57

Failed to get video in mobile
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I was trying to access a video using livestream in iPhone and iPad. I have a premium account and I have followed the procedure to encode video in suitable format for mobile devices. I have attached JSON response and screenshot of video format for reference. My testing premium account will expire soon. So please look into it.

json2({"isLive":true,"currentViewerCount":1,"isMob ileCompatible":false,"iPhoneUrl":"","androidUrl":"rtsp://","blackberryUrl":"rtsp://","rtspUrl":"rtsp://","httpUrl":""});

json8({"isLive":true,"currentViewerCount":1,"isPre mium":true});

ernielive 19th February 2013 12:42


The mobile API uses a separate request for VOD content. Please note however the Mobile API is available only to long term Premium customers. If you require further assistance I would suggest getting in touch with our Premium Sales team at US (Toll Free): 1 (877) 977-8732 or International +1 646 490 1679.

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