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DieselTheWeasel 19th February 2013 01:56

Persistant crackling
I run Windows 7 and upgraded to the new procaster tonight. Most of the night went without a hitch until I went downstairs. When I pugged my laptop in I got the awful crackling noise that stopped the moment I unplugged my laptop. When I stopped the livestream the crackling stopped as well. I can hear it with headphones in as well. I downgraded back to the version I was using but I still get the crackling and now once in awhile it fais saying there are no audio channels selected. I have no idea what's going on now, can someone help me out? It's VERY annoying. Again to sum up, procaster crackles when plugged in from the speakers and headphones and only stopsif I unplug the power or turn off the stream. I have no other sound issues and all my drivers are up to date.

ernielive 19th February 2013 11:43


What are your audio sources in Procaster's Audio Mixer? Can you provide a screenshot? Which audio source are you trying to capture? Also provide the Procaster version number you're currently running (Preferences > italic 'i')

DieselTheWeasel 23rd February 2013 22:21

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I'm trying to catch my speaker's audio. It happens if I'm streaming games and when I'm playing videos I've taken at concerts. If I'm upstairs in my house the crackling is soft and I don't have much of an issue but some skipping on the viewers end now and then. If I move downstairs (I have two power plugs, one up and one downstairs) as soon as I plug in the crackling gets louder and the skipping gets worse and worse. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled and am currently running 20.3.25. I downgraded and that didn't work either. Randomly it will tell me I have no audio source selected when I have speakers selected and there's sound coming out of them. I thought a complete reinstall would fix this but nothing is working and it's getting VERY frustrating. I don't get a crackle at any other time or with any other program. My computer is usually running at about 20% CPU. As soon as I pull the power it stops and behaves perfectly. I have no other issues like this and I have tested this on 3 seperate power cords.

DieselTheWeasel 23rd February 2013 22:51

I uninstalled again and installed 20.2.0 and have the same results. Unplug and it works like it always did. Since I did the update this started but even after uninstalling it still continues.

DieselTheWeasel 23rd February 2013 23:03

Back up to 20.3.25 and tried playing around with different settings and nothing. @__@

DieselTheWeasel 23rd February 2013 23:49

Something new, if I keep the chat box on top of EVERYTHING then the crackling stops. Soon as I minimize it the crackling starts all over.

ernielive 25th February 2013 16:43

Can you record some tests to your channel and link them here to give us a better idea of what this sounds like? Make sure one of the tests has the chat at the top to display the issue not occurring in this scenario.

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