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epitencuentro 14th February 2013 00:38

Video recorded error
Hello Livestream,

We recorded an event the last 9 Feb. There are 4 live videos, the first of them indicates the real time of duration of the video: 01:43:03. But the video stops at 11:46, the people can't see the complete video. The Open button on the Source tab (Studio) shows that the video duration is 11:46, and the format detaills shows the same time. This isn't the live recorded time video.

We don't know why the video shows correctly 01:43:03 in the channel page or in widgets or anywhere but shows just a few minutes when we try to download it or the people like to see the video.

Could Livestream help us with this problem? We need the full video, maybe Livestream could give it us. The video is

Thanks in advance.

ernielive 14th February 2013 13:02


Looks like there were a few failed recordings to your channel on that date. This is likely due to unstable network connection or insufficient bandwidth which can result in issues like you've experienced above. It could be a one-off, but for the future make sure you're on a hard-wired dedicated connection and are streaming at a quality setting which is at least 500kbps below your average upload speed to a server in New York, NY tested at

epitencuentro 18th February 2013 19:50


Thanks for your reply.
I only see one failed video recording, which it's that I noticed early. The other 3 live recordings are fine. The other videos are uploaded or just tests.
I guess the bandwidth were over 500kbps, I've not was in the place that day but usually the location offer more than 500kbps wireless internet connection. People and I we all looked the live event OK, I mean, complete.
I don't understand why the video recorded shows 01:43:03 but we can't see all the video nor download, just a few minutes. If were a problem with the bandwidth, who knows now...
We ask to Livestream help to recovery the complete video, we haven't a copy --ok, we must to use Procaster but we can't in this event because multiple reasons.
So, Ernie, could you help us to recovery that video? If LIvestream have a copy in their servers, please help us, we really need it.
Thank you and sorry for the delayed reply.

ernielive 19th February 2013 11:35


Unfortunately the clip in question cannot be recovered. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

epitencuentro 24th February 2013 01:25

Second time we ask your support and second time you do nothing.
Ok, we don't are the NY Times...

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