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aboonah 12th February 2013 07:09

Procaster Closes on <GO LIVE> and setup
I have recently began to use Livestream again after about a year's hiatus because of military deployment. I have previously used Webcast and Studio but decided to try Procaster in order to make local backup, since I have continuous failures recording at Livestream.

We are running a Windows XP/SP3 system with a quad-core i5 and 12G memory.

When I tried to use Procaster from an earlier installation, it would close if I clicked on <Preferences> on the main screen. It would open <Preferences> if I clicked on the <*> at the top left. However, while it showed my video source selections, clicking on any of them except a third-party webcam interface would cause Procaster to close, also. None of these issues occurred when I tinkered with it a year ago.

So I uninstalled Procaster and downloaded and installed the latest version. Same results, only worse: now Procaster would not even allow me to use the webcam interface, and closes when I choose *any* of the the three video sources (webcam, capture device, vMix).

Am I missing something obvious (or not-so-obvious)? Any suggestions? Webcast and Studio have been working O.K. ... well, as much as they ever work O.K.


ernielive 12th February 2013 10:38


Welcome back. What type of capture device are you using and what is your VMix device? There is a strong possibility these devices are not supported, have you tried unplugging everything except your webcam and opening Procaster after that?

aboonah 12th February 2013 14:59

Procaster Closes on <GO LIVE> and setup
We use a USB capture device and vMix would best be described as a commercial version of's a software-based video/audio mixer: a been-around for a few years and updated regularly product like the new Livestream Production Switcher software I received a sales-pitch for today. Both the USB device and vMix worked with Procaster when I used it previously. I have not tried using a web-cam by itself because we don't even own one! The webcam I mentioned in my original message is a software web-cam interface that provides special effects. If it's worth noting, all three of those work fine with Webcast and Studio.

We want to use Procaster to get local recording since we can't be consistent results saving on the Livestream end, and we want to have mobile-viewing capability.

LATER EDIT: Since writing the above, I have installed Procaster on my Win7 machine in my office, along with vMix, and an USB capture device. Procaster complains that Adobe Flash is needed for Chat (which is irrelevant to our needs) but it otherwise works: it streams video from both the USB capture device and from vMix (fed video from the USB device). Procaster shows CPU at no higher than 44%.

BUT: Procaster will crash - in its message: <Procaster has stopped working> - after a while...times vary.


ernielive 14th February 2013 11:29

I'd suggest opening a support ticket so we can get your Procaster logs and see exactly what's causing the crash. Please include all relevant details regarding the issue and the exact specifications of your encoding machine.

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