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tobrokenstone 9th February 2013 19:19

Chat not working
I'm getting the error message that flash player needs to be installed in order for chat to work. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both flash player and livestream procaster multiple times in various orders, and restarting my computer in between uninstall and reinstall. I've tried the latest release version of procaster, beta 20.3.22, and beta 20.3.25. I've tried installing flash player both from the popup within procaster and from the adobe website, getting the 'other browers' download. None of these things have worked; procaster still tells me it needs adobe flash. Any suggestions?

Noctes 11th February 2013 04:19

bump because I'm having the same exact problem.

Apparently so have others for a while. While looking online for a fix to this I've found other threads asking about the same thing, but none of the options (all of the ones you listed that you did) worked for them, nor for me.

ernielive 12th February 2013 10:49

Hi guys,

Please download the manual Flash uninstaller and installer.

Once downloaded, run the uninstaller, reboot, then run the installer and launch Procaster.

tobrokenstone 14th February 2013 19:38

Still not working.

ernielive 16th February 2013 15:54


Open a support ticket and provide the full details of your system including operating system, current version of Flash, and current version of Procaster.

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