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Blythe_Furpaws 6th February 2013 15:31

Problem With Streaming Games
I've been trying to stream a game called War Thunder here lately. The stream starts, but it's black, and won't stream the game. Is there anything I can do to fix this? It always worked fine with streaming ArmA, but now that I'm interested in streaming this game, which from my knowledge is a DirectX 9 game, won't work. If anyone can help me, please do! Thank you for your time.

ernielive 7th February 2013 15:59

Does War Thunder open a launcher before the game itself opens?

Please be sure you're using the latest beta Procaster 20.3.25 and try pressing CTRL+F2 while in game to hook Procaster.

GMNapster 13th February 2014 19:44

That does not help. It still doesn't work

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