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jraposa 4th February 2013 18:31

Audio Device Question
Hello, I am looking to purchase an external audio device (wireless preferred). My camera is a JVC - Everio GZE10BUS HD Flash Memory Camcorder and I am looking at Revolabs XTag wireless USB mic. I was wondering if anyone has used the XTag before? The reviews and info that I found on it says that it works with webcams and Skype in particular. I assume that it will work fine but I would like confirmation before I buy it. If anyone has used it with livestream and cold provide insight that would be much appreciated.

ernielive 5th February 2013 11:08


We haven't tested with this device in particular, but most USB audio devices are detected by Procaster so there is a high possibility it will function properly, however I can't confirm. We'd love to know if the device works properly if you end up giving it a shot.

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