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matthughes2 4th February 2013 14:26

Question about copyright
Hi there! I had an idea for a show I want to put together on livestream but I have a few questions.

The idea is, essentially, to broadcast unconventional, fun, and impactful play by play for NFL football games - basically, live play by play for certified non-steakheads. The livestream would not feature any part of the sports telecast - it would be offscreen and muted, unavailable to the viewer of the livestream. They would be expected to queue up the livestream and play it alongside the original copyrighted telecast as a supplement - think of it as rifftrax but for sports.

My questions are, a) does this violate Livestream policy, and b) in your opinion, does this violate the copyright policy of whatever network is presenting the original telecast?

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much!

ernielive 5th February 2013 11:02


As long as you are not broadcasting any type of copyrighted footage or audio, you should be good. Make sure to review our Terms of Use for any additional clarification you may need.

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