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FFLRedskins 1st February 2013 16:03

Procaster Recognizes Game.. but Just Once
I am using Procaster on a Windows 7 Home Premium machine for an older game... Madden '08.

On my initial use, Procaster works great. It recognizes the game, I have an HUD, and I can stream the game beautifully. However, whenever I open Procaster the next time... it will not recognize Madden 08. I will have no HUD and cannot record.

If I uninstall Procaster and reinstall it, it will work perfectly on the initial use. Then stop after.

I don't want to have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling.

Why is Procaster suddenly stopping recognizing the game after the initial try?

ernielive 2nd February 2013 15:07


Which version of Procaster are you using? I would suggest updating to the latest beta if you haven't already. Whenever your game does not hook, press CTRL+F2 to attempt to re-hook Procaster to your game.

FFLRedskins 2nd February 2013 17:26

Hey there. Thanks for the response.

I just uninstalled my ProCaster and updated to the newest beta, per your request. The same issue occurred.

On the initial test, everything worked fine. The game hooked and I was able to stream. After shutting down the game and Procaster and trying it a second time, it did not work. I tried to re-hook while inside the game as suggested, and still nothing.

FFLRedskins 2nd February 2013 17:33

UPDATE: I got it working using the newest Beta.

I realized I had the game running in Windows XP Mode. When I turned that off, Procaster started hooking on every attempt. Thanks!

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