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CanalBlau 31st January 2013 08:09

Error in Android device

The channel canalblautv fails some times en android device. When open the stream redirect to this 4 links.

rtsp:// OK

rtsp:// Fail

rtsp:// Fail

rtsp:// Fail

Only when redirect to the first links works fine, if not fails. In Iphone works fine ever.


ernielive 2nd February 2013 15:02


The proper RTSP format would be to use mobilestr in place of mobistr, so for instance:


The abolve URLs are correct, whereas the URLs you provided will not work due to the incorrect mobilestr syntax. We're investigating why mobistr1 functions properly, as this string technically shouldn't work.

CanalBlau 4th February 2013 05:10

Hi Ernie,

Sorry for the confusion with addresses that are just like you were saying.
The problem is that when connecting Android devices to our channel, we automatically redirected to one of the 4 directions, but only the first allows us to open the stream with the video player. We've tried different versions of phones and tablets and different versions of android with the same result. Only the first address works. Thanks for everything and I hope your answer.

gliamicidelmare 5th February 2013 03:37

Go here! ;)

ernielive 5th February 2013 11:33


What hardware/software combination are you using to broadcast? Does this issue occur when you're live or offline?

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