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ArtFoundry87 27th January 2013 01:32

Random disconnects
I've been watching several other shows for a good while and it seems that there are frequent disconnections by Livestream. There is no peak time in which they happen, and they don't seem be coming from the person who is broadcasting. It's even happened to me here and there and it's such a pain. Either way, it's extremely disruptive and the more I see that screaming, flaming middle-finger "DISCONNECTED" error over the chat, the more I want to put my fist through the laptop screen. But that's just me venting. I don't know if the technical staff is aware of these but I'm not the only one who's getting these random disconnects, and they need to do something about it.

ernielive 28th January 2013 10:47


New or Original Livestream? Does this occur on all channels you watch? When the chat disconnects do you lose the live broadcast as well? Please attach a screen shot of your download speed to New York, NY run at

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