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Ecchithon 26th January 2013 18:34

Procaster 100% CPU (started about a month ago)
So first let me start by saying that about a month ago I've had major issues streaming with procaster. I never had any issues at all streaming in medium quality with procaster even with background programs like skype on, about a month ago however after a windows update (i think) my procaster started to act up.

For example under medium quality even when streaming nothing but my desktop, it jumps up and down between 60~80 sometimes 90% CPU here is a screen shot.

And when I try it on normal quality while the CPU is fine during desktop, forget a game I can barely stream a 720p res movie without it staying at 95%+ at all times, here is another screenshot:

I have taken many measures to try and fix this issue by optimizing my windows, by turning off windows services, all windows GFX and animations so its flat grey now, by de-fragmenting, by cleaning up every log/useless file/shortcut laying around, and turned off any background services that I didn't use or didn't need at the time, where my PC coasted at a cool 0~2% CPU no matter what I did, however as soon as I start procaster jumps right to 80 and up.

Here is my dxdiag:

And my PC Specs:

i7 Quad Core 860 2.8ghz
4GB DDR3 Ram
2x GTX 460's on SLI

Now, what the hell is going on? Please respond thank you.

ernielive 28th January 2013 11:11


Which version of Procaster are you running? You can find this in the Preferences by clicking the italic 'i' at the top right of the preferences window. After confirming your current version, please update to the latest beta of Procaster at this link.

Please note broadcasting copyrighted content such as movies is against the Livestream Terms of Use.

Ecchithon 29th January 2013 04:23

Hello ernielive,

Thank you for your response, the version I am currently running is 20.3.0P but I must state that I upgraded to this version not but a week ago in order to try and` solve my issues. Before this version I am unsure what version I was using then, but it worked like a charm until about a month ago.

None the less, I will download this new version and try that instead and see if I have the same issues. I feel that I will because I believe the problem is much deeper than just a version change. Lastly, the screenshot of the movie being streamed was just to show that even on normal quality (which is pretty low) with almost no background process's running my CPU still hits 100's.


After using the latest beta version I am getting the exact same results, on medium quality just from streaming desktop always 100%, on normal just from streaming desktop jumping around 80ish which only gets worse when I try to play a movie or a game. It suggested that I lower my resolution to 1024 x 768, which I tried and nothing changed.

ernielive 30th January 2013 11:45


I'd suggest opening a support ticket and attaching your logs so we can dig a little deeper into the issue. You can extract the logs by following these steps:

-Open Procaster
-Click 'Preferences' on the Procaster launch screen
-Click 'Video' tab
-Click 'Save Logs' at the bottom right of this screen

This will create a '' file on your desktop. Please attach this to your ticket.

Ecchithon 1st February 2013 17:23

Ok, I have a previous ticket open about this matter which still has yet to receive a response. I will do as you stated and add an update and also mention this thread, my ticket number in case you are curious is 83732. Would you like me to link the procaster logs in this thread as well?

ernielive 2nd February 2013 15:15

Logs in the ticket will be fine, thanks. We'll contact you for further troubleshooting steps via email.

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